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  • Recertification inspection of aviation life vests

    Aviation MRO

    FAA - Transport Canada - EASA approved repair station for the maintenance of aircraft safety components. 

  • Tulmar side-wall stowage nets for FMTV cargo box

    Contract Manufacturing

    Build-to-print manufacturing of textile protective equipment for aerospace and defence prime contractors.
  • Measuring flotation angle of Hamerhead Tactical PFD

    Development Engineering

    Custom development, prototyping, design validation testing of inflatable devices and protective textile products.

  • Fitting the Tent Adaptor developed by Tulmar for DND Bison armored vehicle

    Engineered Textiles

    Protective covers, vehicle stowage and ground support equipment engineered for durability and performance.
  • Sea Survial training exercise with Tulmar 10XL life raft

    Inflatable Technology

    Expertise in the design, fabrication and maintenance of inflatable devices utilizing adhesive bonding and RF welding.

  • DND Tactical Shelters cleaned and repaired by Tulmar

    Military Repair & Overhaul

    Cleaning, repair and overhaul of tactical shelters, camouflage netting, life preservers and aviation life rafts.
  • Tulmar dual-lane training slide at Iberia Inflight Training Center

    In-flight Training

    Generic versions of OEM safety equipment designed for the specialized needs of the airline training industry.

  • Vehicle mirror assemblies delivered by Tulmar

    Subassembly & Kitting

    Supply chain solutions that incorporate subassembly and kitting to reduce costs and accelerate program deliveries.

  • Shipboarding exercise with Tulmar Hammerhead PFD

    Tactical Flotation

    Purpose-built, functional, durable flotation solutions designed for law enforcement and maritime security.


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